Call for ISKO Cohort 4 Startup Incubatees is Now Open!

The UPGRADE Innolab, Inc. is now back in search of ten (10) early-stage impact startups for the 4th run of the Innovative Startup Knowledge Optimizer (ISKO) Program. 

We are looking for a team of entrepreneurs passionate about creating social impact through profitable innovative solutions. 

ISKO is a 9-month customized business incubation program that provides capacity building, technical assistance, mentoring, networking, and funding to impact-driven and profitable businesses. It aims to equip entrepreneurs in firming up their business models, financial systems, and brand positioning, as well as help them explore ways to access capital for growth and scalability. 

We are looking for impact-driven and profitable businesses that are:

  • Based in the Philippines with at least one (1) female co-founder;
  • Registered in DTI or SEC (No prescribed no. of years for the registration);
  • With Minimum Viable Product/Proof of Concept of an innovative business idea;
  • Working to strengthen and grow their business; 
  • Interested in accessing funding for growth.

Incubation Services 

  • Business Diagnostic 
  • Learning Labs
  • Technical Assistance 
  • Monthly Interactive Masterclasses
  • Mentoring and Coaching 
  • Investment Readiness Support 
  • Demo Day

This program is OPEN TO ALL ENTREPRENEURS in the Philippines. 

UPGRADE Innolab, Inc. is a business incubator that aims to build, launch, and accelerate impact-driven, profitable, and scalable business ventures in the Philippines. 

  • Build. We provide technical support  and mentorship to aid entrepreneurs to stay focused on product development, testing, and market validation.
  • Launch. We help founders plan and prepare to bring their products to the market for initial sales and develop the right business model to make the business profitable and scalable. 
  • Accelerate. We ensure that entrepreneurs get the help they need in scaling their businesses through equity-free funding or investments. In the program, founders are also assisted in reviewing their financial systems and due diligence preparation for investing firms. 

Onboarding and Incubation Process 

1 Onboarding2 Incubation3 Follow On
1.1. Call for Application2.1. Quarterly Business Diagnostics3.1. Media Exposure
1.2. Exparte Evaluation of Documents and Shortlisting2.2. Learning Labs3.2. Investment Readiness Assessment
1.3. Interview2.3. Monthly Interactive Masterclass3.3. Demo Day
1.4. Due Diligence2.4. Technical Assistance3.4. Exit Conference
1.5. MOU Signing and Kick Off2.5. Mentoring and Coaching


Application Form:

Deadline of Application: On or before December 31, 2022,