Advisory Board
Advisory Board

UPGRADE has a diverse Advisory Board comprised of CEOs, Founders, and Consultants that are carefully chosen and invited to guide entrepreneurs to launch and accelerate business.

Advisory Board plays a crucial role in the success of startups. They help founders get the focus and guidance necessary to build a company. Advisors are commonly well connected, knowledgeable, and experienced in running a startup.

In UPGRADE, advisory board joins weekly progress evaluation meeting/video conference to provide feedback to founders. Committing to continuous improvement, UPGRADE allows founders to evaluate the advisors after the incubation program concludes.

REGINA EVANGELISTA CEO, Mr. Outsource & Dreamwork
KEREN HAPPUCH LACADIN CEO, Clevergrit Web Services
MARY ROSE OFIANGA Co-founder, E3Hubs Philippines
SYLVIA CONCEPTION Adjunct Professor / Marketing Consultant, University of the Philippines Mindanao
JASON TE OCCIDENTAL Director, Innovation and Technology Support Office (ITSO) - ADDU
JOHN MICHAEL FERRARIS Product Manager/Software Engineer,
ATTY. CHARMAINE VALENTIN Legal Counsel, University of the Philippines Mindanao
RICHARD R. DAY Local Leader, Founders Institute