Starting a business has been widely prevalent during the pandemic. Various new products were introduced to the market however due to the competitive environment and ever-changing trends in the different industries, not all were successful to achieve a breakthrough. In order to prevent this entrepreneurs must be familiar with Market Research. This is a key preparatory activity done by both established big companies and starting businesses that is necessary to validate and gain insights into a certain market, its competition, and the evolving needs of its consumers, in which a company is trying to operates. Also, it helps companies develop targeted business strategies and a compelling value proposition for consumers through its organization, accuracy, and documentation method.

With this, UPGRADE offers a workshop on the topic: Introductory Course to Market Validation and Research. This certificate course is for business owners and managers who need help in navigating the changing landscape of business and customer behavior brought by the pandemic. The course will capacitate the participants to learn more about their market and create strategies that fit their needs to increase sales and business growth. Business model validation is included in this course wherein participants will be able to understand their market better, know their competitors, and at the same time develop a connection with their consumers in the most effective way.

At the end of this workshop, the participants will be able to:

  1. assess different sources of relevant information available to the small business;
  2. understand basic principles in the conduct of a market research study;
  3. undertake research activities that relate to the pain points of your start-up technology; and
  4. Validate the business model of their enterprise.

Learning is a life-long process and investing yourself in continuing education programs is a journey of both career and personal development.

This module will run for 5 sessions with a combination approach of lecture, workshop, assignment, and pitching in the duration of its delivery. The individual enrollment amounts to Php 5,000.00, inclusive of training materials and certificates.

UPGRADE your marketing knowledge by registering at https://BIT.LY/3DGZL5J. Access to the online workshop will be sent to those registered.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email UPGRADE at