Call for Applicants!We are Hiring One (1) Project Evaluation Officer III

Project Title: iBLEnDNICE 4WomEn (innovation thru Building and Leveraging Entrepreneurship Development, Networking and Inclusive Community Engagement)

Hiring Position: Project Evaluation Officer III

Nature of Employment: Contract Of Service 

Deadline for application: May 15, 2022

Project Evaluation Officer III

Salary: Php 40,290.00

Required competencies:

  1. A college degree in Economics, Sociology, Business Administration, BS in Statistics, and other Social Sciences Discipline Courses 
  2. At least 2 years of experience in Monitoring and Evaluation work
  3. Ability to communicate professionally with technical and non-technical colleagues and clients.
  4. Proven experience in technical writing, including preparation of the narrative report, case studies, news, feature article, and other related written materials. 
  5. Good time management skills, including prioritizing, scheduling, and adapting as necessary, particularly in making sure availability for site visits which is done once every quarter. 
  6. A team player and open to learning new ideas
  7. Ability to work independently with little or no daily supervision

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Report directly to the Project Leader of iBLENDNICE 4Women Program;
  • Monitor the performance of the women-led enterprises assigned under the mentorship group of UPGRADE;
  • Conduct quarterly physical visits to the site of WHWise Program grantees;
  • Develop a tool for monitoring and evaluating of the project
  • Ensure the quality of the output are at par with excellence and the expected outputs of the project;
  • Aid the Project Assistant IV in data generation, documentation, and marketing of inputs;
  • Ensure the quantitative and qualitative reporting of the program’s progress; and
  • Perform other functions necessary for the completion of the project as advised by the Project Leader

Address your application letter to:

Lyre Anni E. Murao, Ph.D.


University of the Philippines Mindanao


Asst. Prof. Imee Marie A. Acopiado

Project Leader, iBLENDNICE 4Women Program- UP Mindanao

UPGRADE iBLENDNICE 4Women Program is a non-discriminatory team, all qualified applicants are welcome to apply.

Submit your resume and portfolio via email at on or before May 15, 2022.