LIHOK Startup Roadshow in Nabunturan

It is time for more technological startup scouting as the UP Mindanao Growing and Developing Enterprises (UPGraDE) sets its crosshairs to Nabunturan, Davao de Oro with the LIHOK Startup Roadshow this coming August 30, 31, and September 5, live via Zoom and UPGraDE-TBI Facebook page.

Coming from a successful Online Pre-Incubation Program Virtual Demo Day (OPIP) last August 1 wherein six (6) startup groups have been granted assistance to further their technological innovation startup projects into commercial use, UPGraDE-TBI is now gearing up to look for potential startup groups geared towards technopreneurship with impact-driven mindsets in making a significant change with our way of living using technology and innovation.

UPGraDE-TBI’s roadshow entitled Localizing Innovation by Harnessing the Optimal Knowledge of the Citizens (LIHOK) is derived from the Cebuano word meaning to move or take action, and that is what the team aims to achieve with the participating teams.

This competition is open to all abled individuals who may have just the right idea, coupled with a strong sense of commitment to provide effective solutions in our practical day-to-day lives. Winners of the 30 thousand pesos total cash prize will also be availing of free workshops from our team of expert mentors and advisers to realize their ideas into industry-level products.

What are the objectives of LIHOK Startup Roadshow? 

The LIHOK program mainly intends to accomplish the following purposes:  

  • To gather potential startups by organizing a competition that showcases the authenticity, innovation, relevance, and marketability of a tech entrepreneurial material;
  • To commercialize Intellectual Property- based technologies through the creation of start-ups or spin-off companies;
  • To develop a stronger culture of innovation and more job creation for the local and global market; and
  • To create a dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Davao Region

Who can join?

LIHOK Startup Roadshow invites individuals and teams of all ages given that attendees below 18 years old are required to have written consent of their legal guardians. 

Applicants should be based in Nabunturan, Davao de Oro.  

UPGrADE is looking for diversity in gender, race, background, and types of experiences.

All that is required is an interest in developing solutions to the current problems of the country, and a commitment to participate fully throughout the LIHOK Startup Roadshow. 

What are the requirements?

  • The team must have an impact-driven technology startup idea that can resolve a problem in a community.
  • The team must submit their startup concept to UPGrADE by filling-out the online registration form at:
  • The team must be composed of 1-5 founders. 
  • The team must have a stable Internet connection, at least 2 laptops or desktops, a cellular phone, or a camera that may be used in recording the product demo. 

What criteria will be used for judging the startup ideas?

Technical Viability/Difficulty (30%) – Did the technology involve more recent or sophisticated computing technologies?

Business Viability (30%) – Is there an insightful valuation that this prototype or MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is viable for local business and scaling.

Social Index (20%) – Does the team fully understand the problem they opt to solve? Did they properly articulate the solution to the Jury Board?

Relevance (20%) – Does the solution solve the problem statement? Is the solution adaptable to the “new normal” and beyond? 

Why join LIHOK Startup Roadshow? 

  • It is an excellent exercise of exploring your creativity to develop solutions that address socially relevant issues or problems in a community. 
  • It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet incredible and passionate mentors that can help build your impact-driven technology companies. 
  • It can help you connect to a wider network of mentors, investors, companies, and potential partners for your dream startup. 
  • It is a better way to learn new things in technology and business while on quarantine.

What are the prizes at stake?

  • 1st Place – 15, 000.00 + 10 Free Pre-incubation workshops from UPGrADE + Free use of UPGrADE Innolab + UPGrADE-TBI Merchandise
  • 2nd Place – 10, 000.00 + 10 Free Pre-incubation workshops from UPGrADE + Free use of UPGrADE Innolab + UPGrADE-TBI Merchandise
  • 3rd Place – 5,000.00 + 10 Free Pre-incubation workshops from UPGrADE + Free use of UPGrADE Innolab + UPGrADE-TBI Merchandise

For interested participants and clarifications, you may email us at or message our FB Page at @upgradetbi. See you there!