UPGrADE Caps 2020 with Strategic Planning and Performance Evaluation

Last December 18 and 19th, the UP Mindanao UPGraDE TBI held its year-ender strategic planning at Blue Lotus Hotel, Davao City. The event, attended by the 1st batch cohort groups, guest speakers and representatives from different sectors such as the DTI among others came together to lay down the current status of their startup projects, and for identification of key areas for improvement.

The objectives of the 2-day event were to evaluate the current service delivery systems of the UPGraDE TBI, strengthen the identified areas for improved delivery of the HUB’s services, prepare for the next batch of cohorts, and to prepare the current startups for launching by next year.

Facilitated by UP Mindanao Professor Nikko Laorden, MM of the School of Management, he initiated the review of the startup groups’ progress, and conducted a workshop to identify the strengths and weaknesses, as well as provide an avenue for enhancement of development.

Two of Cohort 1 graduating incubatees, Alcadia Systems and OBX Solutions presented their worksheets for critiquing and improving startup flows for their schedules and planned launchings of their products and services.

Mr. Arriel Nengasca, DTI-XI’s Industry Development Division Chief, gave invaluable insights, opportunities for collaboration, and furthered accessibilities between agencies. As his emphasis on the thrusts of bringing innovation and practical solutions, and progress towards industry 4.0 trends, he stated that it might still be a long journey towards fruition, but with the help of TBI hubs and MSME’s, it is definitely plausible.

Closing the 2-day seminar and workshop, the two startup groups are now tasked to integrate the strategic means of improving their delivery as they near launch dates for 2021.